Migration, Diaspora, and Transient Communities

The refugee crisis across Europe and the debate about immigration in the United States are stark examples of the way human migration impacts countries and international affairs around the globe. These issues have become a top priority among Green School faculty who explore migration patterns, causes and consequences of refugee flows, the nature of global diasporas, the evolution of transient communities worldwide, and the associated socio-economic issues. Their work contributes to a greater understanding of contemporary global and public affairs, as societies on every continent reckon with both the challenges and opportunities presented by the flow of refugees and migrants.

DepartmentNameFaculty Research
EconomicsKaz MiyagiwaWorks on immigration, unemployment and crime
Global and Sociocultural StudiesAslihan AkkayaExamines rhetorical, political and geopolitical displacement of Turkish asylum seekers
Global and Sociocultural StudiesMitzi CarterExamines how mixed race Okinawans navigate in-betweenness to root themselves through language, discourses of citizenship and diasporic meanings of Okinawan belonging
Global and Sociocultural StudiesJorge DuanyWorks on transnational migration between the Hispanic Caribbean and the US 
Global and Sociocultural StudiesChris GirardWorks on attitudes of racial and ethnic groups towards US foreign and domestic policy and US politics
Global and Sociocultural StudiesGuillermo GrenierExamines patterns of Cuban migration to US and their assimilation processes
Global and Sociocultural StudiesMark PadillaWorks on health migration among patients and skilled health workers in Latin America, the Caribbean and the US
Global and Sociocultural StudiesAndrea QueeleyWorks on Caribbean migration and Cuban and African diasporas
Global and Sociocultural StudiesJean RahierWorks on African diasporas in Latin America and the Americas 
Global and Sociocultural StudiesSheilla Rodriguez-MaderaWorks on health migration among patients and skilled health workers in Latin America, the Caribbean and the US
Global and Sociocultural StudiesNelson Varas-DiazWorks on health migration among patients and skilled health workers in Latin America, the Caribbean and the US
History Julio CapoWorks on migration and its causes to and from the Caribbean to the United States and the Americas
History Rebecca FriedmaniWitness Institute for Visual Journalism/Preservation of Democracy Across Borders
History Guadalupe GarciaWorks on enslaved people's mobility in the Caribbean 
History Catherine MasWorks on the history of immigrant communities in South Florida
History Okezi T OtovoWorks on African Diaspora through Black women's intellectualism, theories, knowledge production, and practice around health and health care
History Terrence PetersonWorks on migration, its causes, and state efforts to control it in Europe and the Mediterranean
History Chantalle F VernaWorks on Haitian migration and Diaspora experiences, in-country, around the world, as part of African Diaspora and global population movement experiences
History Kirsten E WoodWorks on mobility and itinerancy in the early United States
Modern LanguagesErik Camayd-FreixasResearches, publishes, and gives conferences on topics related to migration, diaspora, transient communities, human rights, and democratization. He also participates in advocacy organizations
Modern LanguagesAndrea FantaCurrent project involves the creation of a digital archive of the Latin American diasporic experience In particular, she is interested in collecting, archiving, and preserving personal accounts of the migration experiences, recuperating the cultural memory of Latin American communities
Modern LanguagesSantiago Juan NavarroResearch explores how Cuban cinema abroad navigates the complexities of national heritage and diverse cultural influences.  It reveals how transnational identities have evolved, the importance of language in transnational dialogue, and the intricate nature of transient communities in today's globalized world. In addition, he founded and curates the Cuban Diaspora Film Archive (CDFA), a transnational platform for discussions on democratic values, human rights, and historical memory.
Modern LanguagesMedardo Gabriel RosarioWorks on literary representations of pilgrimage as a metaphor for migration and transient communities. He also works on literary and cartographical representations of the Caribbean to reflect upon the construction of (trans)national identity.
Public Policy and AdministrationShaoming ChengWorks on local governments' small business development initiatives and efforts in combating poverty and inequality
Public Policy and AdministrationYoon-Jung Choi
Public Policy and AdministrationAllan RosenbaumVarious articles and chapters on issues of inequality with reference to world poverty