Preparing Global Leaders of Tomorrow

Whether their interest is in politics and public policy or human rights and democratization, students at the Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs are committed to creating a better world. We equip them with the knowledge, experience and tools to do just that.

Through an innovative approach that integrates theory with practice and combines the social sciences with the humanities, the Green School is preparing the global leaders and changemakers of tomorrow.

  • 91Our students come to us from 91 countries around the world
  • 29,387Nearly 30,000 alumni call the Green School their alma mater

Our Impact

The Green School is home to eight departments and 17 of the university’s most prominent international centers, institutes and programs, including the Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center, recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as one of only 16 National Resource Centers on Latin American in the country, and the Cuban Research Institute, the nation’s premier center for academic research on Cuban and Cuban-American issues.

Nine Top-50 Programs Among U.S. Public Universities

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We equip our students to think about the world in unique ways, generating policy-relevant dialogue and research on the most pressing issues facing the world today, including poverty and inequality; economic development and sustainability; security, foreign policy, and governance, among others.

At the Green School, we seek to understand the world we live in and the challenges we face as one human family.

Join us as we work to create a more just, peaceful and prosperous world.

Association Of Professional Schools Of International Affairs

The Green School is proud to be a member of the Association Of Professional Schools Of International Affairs (APSIA). APSIA brings together the leading graduate schools around the world, which specialize in international affairs. APSIA is dedicated to the improvement of professional education in international affairs and, thereby, the advancement of global prosperity, peace and security.

To make a political difference, to make a social difference, you have to integrate many factors of lifestyle – health, safety, governance and laws. The School of International and Public Affairs deals with the integration of these ideas and truly creates a platform for tomorrow’s leaders.

Ambassador Steven J. Green