Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment gives students in public, private, charter schools the opportunity to take college courses from Steven J. Green School of International affairs in the fields of Economics, History, Criminal Justice, Modern Languages, Global Studies, Politics and International Affairs and Religion. While in the program students earn college credits tuition free; student is exempt from the payment of registration, tuition, and laboratory fees. Plus, Dual Enrollment students receive university perks like a Panther ID, access to FIU Library, tutoring, counseling, advising, student resources and the chance to Experience FIU.

If you choose Full-Time/Dual Enrollment Early Admission, you can enroll in courses full time on campus beginning in your senior year. Students in this program enroll in 12-15 credits each semester and earn credits that apply toward high school graduation and a bachelor's degree.

Future admission to FIU as a degree-seeking student is selective and is not guaranteed via participation in the Dual Enrollment Program. Prospective students must apply to FIU and meet all FIU admissions requirements.

Courses Currently Offered

Criminal Justice

  • CCJ 2010
  • CCJ 2020
  • CJC 2000
  • CJJ 2001


  • AMH 2010
  • AMH 2020
  • AMH 2041
  • EUH 2011
  • EUH 2021
  • EUH 2030


  • ECO1000
  • ECO 2013
  • ECO 2023

Politics and International Relations

  • CPO 2002
  • INR 2001
  • POS 2041
  • POT 2002

Global and Socio Cultural Studies

  • SYG 2000
  • SYG 2010

Modern Languages

  • SPN 1130
  • SPN 1131
  • SPN 2240
  • CHI 1130
  • FRE 1130