Centers, Institutes & Programs

  • African and African Diaspora Studies Program

    This program seeks to foster greater understanding of the experiences of peoples of African descent internationally, including national and transnational policy analysis, cultural studies, international relations with and within continental Africa, African and African diaspora literatures, history and experiences of African descendants.

  • Asian Studies Program

    This vigorous program offers Chinese and Japanese studies in support of master's and bachelor's degree, as well as a variety of advanced certificates and a minor. Asian Studies participates in a wide range of outreach activities and supports a robust series of lectures, workshops, events and performances.

  • Center for the Administration of Justice

    The center and its multidisciplinary staff of lawyers, political scientists, public administrators and public policy analysts, has become a unique resource at the forefront of U.S. criminal justice and international justice sector reform.

  • Center for Labor Research and Studies

    The center offers a variety of courses, research and educational services for workers, the community and organizations. Established in 1971, it is the only labor center in Florida and one of the most dynamic in the nation.

  • Cuban Research Institute

    Dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge about Cuba and its diaspora, the institute is the nation's premier center for academic research and public programs on Cuban and Cuban-American issues.

  • European and Eurasian Studies Program

    The program allows students to immerse themselves in an interdisciplinary study of Europe, focusing on politics, society and culture in the region. The program encompasses the Miami-Florida Jean Monnet Center of Excellence and the Spanish and Mediterranean Studies Program.

  • Global Indigenous Forum

    The forum works to bring global indigenous issues, voices and awareness to the FIU campus and community through activities and academic programs, including courses, dialogues, conferences, media, exhibits, research publications and action-oriented activities.

  • Global Jewish Studies Program

    This program provides a rich, interdisciplinary approach to the study of Jewish history, culture, religion, literature and international politics. It offers students the opportunity to explore the diverse experiences of Jewish communities across the world.

  • Holocaust and Genocide Studies Program

    This program allows students and community members to analyze the Holocaust and other cases of mass genocide in order to combat the philosophies that have fueled numerous atrocities – and to honor those whose lives were lost.

  • Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy

    The institute offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in public policy discourse, analyze national security issues and equip themselves with the cybersecurity skills necessary to meet the demands of an increasingly technological world.

  • Jain Studies Program

    The first program of its kind in North America, the program explores the history, scriptures, doctrines, art, practices and literature of Jainism, as well as the application of key Jain concepts to fields such as law, environmental studies and economics.

  • The Jorge M. Pérez Metropolitan Center

    The Metropolitan Center is an applied research and training institute that provides policy solutions to public, private and non-profit organizations in South Florida. The center’s research has served as the catalyst for major policy changes in areas such as housing, transportation and health services.

  • Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center

    This center draws upon the expertise of one of the largest concentrations of Latin American and Caribbean studies scholars at any university in the U.S. LACC offers a number of academic programs for students to explore the region’s rich and complex historical, cultural, linguistic and political landscapes.

  • Maurice A. Ferré Institute for Civic Leadership

    The institute will honor the life and work of its namesake and address critical matters of preparing diverse leadership for public service, increasing civic participation for a stronger democracy and promoting social justice. The institute’s research and scholarship will examine a wide range of issues championed by Ferré.

  • Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer Center for Muslim World Studies

    Dedicated to the study of the global Muslim experience, this center offers a dynamic, multidisciplinary approach that fosters academic dialogue on key themes, including the global Muslim diaspora and intra-faith relations.

  • Program in the Study of Spirituality

    This program fosters multispiritual and multifaith dialogue, while providing students with the opportunity to learn about spirituality and its impact across disciplines, professions and personal well-being.

  • Václav Havel Program for Human Rights and Democracy

    The program is dedicated to exploring the politics of human rights and the process of democratization in countries once under authoritarian governments. The center works in partnership with numerous international organizations to actively foster global dialogue about these topics.