The Green School encompasses eight signature departments. Through our departments, our faculty and students engage in research, contribute to policy solutions and promote international dialogue. The Green School's unique academic approach emphasizes the importance of an interdisciplinary framework and allows our students to create connections between numerous disciplines and subject areas through our programs and collaborative projects.

Various degrees and programs are also offered by our Centers, Institutes and Programs.


  • Criminology and Criminal Justice

    Recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in the field of criminology and criminal justice education, the department's mission is to teach and conduct research on core issues related to crime and justice.

  • Economics

    This department’s programs provide students with an understanding of economic problems and institutions with analytical tools to apply this knowledge to contemporary problems.

  • Global and Sociocultural Studies

    This department unites the faculties of anthropology, geography, and sociology within an innovative program dedicated to exploring challenges of global scope— such as inequality, migration and diasporas and nature-society relations.

  • History

    This department offers programs that foster a love for historical inquiry and lay a foundation for successful careers in history, law, journalism, government service, librarianship, and other professions. 

  • Modern Languages

    This department offers multiple opportunities for undergraduate and graduate study in language, culture and literature. 

  • Politics and International Relations

    This department offers rich programs combining the traditional disciplinary strengths of political science with a multidisciplinary approach to the study of international relations.

  • Public Policy and Administration

    This department provides a professional education in public sector and nonprofit management, including degrees in public administration and certificates in human resource policy and management and public management.

  • Religious Studies

    This department offers instruction in all major religions of the world and in a number of thematic areas, designed to allow students to focus either on comparative topics or on the theory and practice of a specific religious tradition in its historical setting.