Economic Development, Sustainability, and Resilience

In an increasingly integrated and interconnected world, economic activity is transforming environments at an unprecedented rate. Large-scale environmental destruction threatens the planetary systems on which human survival depends, and requires expanded efforts to create long-term sustainability, reduce environmental degradation, build resilience to social and ecological disruptions, and mitigate the effects of climate change. From exploring environmental change to economic development, Green School faculty work at the nexus of society, nature, and resilience. While some of this research is state-centered or pertains to the role and efforts of international organizations, other research focuses on social movements, traditional forms of Earth stewardship and governance, and community-based efforts.

DepartmentNameFaculty Research
Criminology and Criminal JusticeStephen PiresWorks on the effects of the illicit wildlife trade and how its organization impacts global markets
EconomicsBerrak BahadirWorks on the effects of financial development for economic growth and sustainability 
EconomicsJesse BullExplores sustainability and resilience from an information economics perspective
EconomicsSheng GuoWorks on the economic modelling of information processing, knowledge acquisition and persuasion
EconomicsCem KarayalcinStudies economic development and the fragility and resilience of economies facing climate change
EconomicsNorihiko MatsudaWorks on the effects of digital labor markets on job creation
EconomicsKaz MiyagiwaWorks on internal labor migration and resource allocations
EconomicsTobias PfutzeWorks on the effects of land reform and tenure rights on economic and institutional development
EconomicsMihaela PinteaWorks on how movements of labor among various sectors of the economy affects development
EconomicsAbu ShonchoyWorks on improving banking access for global unbanked population and the emergence digital financial platforms
EconomicsNicholas WrightProjects focusing on the impact of temperature on crime and student performance in developing nations 
EconomicsHakan YilmazkudayWorks on the effects of inflation, finance and trade on the economic development of countries
Global and Sociocultural StudiesSimone AthaydeExamines the dynamics of Indigenous and local knowledge systems and biocultural diversity 
Global and Sociocultural StudiesJuliet ErazoExplores how indigenous organizing and land use practices in Ecuador have been influenced by shifting development priorities, other social movements, and changing government priorities
Global and Sociocultural StudiesRicardo GonzalezWorks on economic development and sustainability of coastal fisheries in Peru
Global and Sociocultural StudiesKevin GroveWorks on the development, implementation, and effects of resilience approaches on disaster management, international development, urban growth, and public health
Global and Sociocultural StudiesGail HollanderExamines political and cultural factors shaping Everglades restoration and economic development in South Florida
Global and Sociocultural StudiesDoug KincaidExamines history and trajectories of Latin American development
Global and Sociocultural StudiesZachary LevensonWorks on developmental state and welfare system in South Africa
Global and Sociocultural StudiesRod NeumannWorks on cultural politics and creation of biodiversity conservation territories in East Africa
Global and Sociocultural StudiesUlrich OslenderExamines how social movements mobilize visions of nature to contest dominant development models in Afro-Colombian communities 
Global and Sociocultural StudiesMark PadillaWorks on public health system resilience in Latin America and the Caribbean
Global and Sociocultural StudiesYoung Rae-ChoiExamines coastal reclamation in China and South Korea, with a focus on the emerging blue economy
Global and Sociocultural StudiesGenevieve ReidWorks on development, land rights, and resilience among Indigenous groups in Quebec and minority communities in South Florida
Global and Sociocultural StudiesSheilla Rodriguez-MaderaWorks on public health system resilience in Latin America and the Caribbean
Global and Sociocultural StudiesBen SmithWorks on the relationship between landscape, development and cultural economy in Middle East
Global and Sociocultural StudiesRick TardanicoWorks on development and land tenure rights in Latin America and the US
Global and Sociocultural StudiesNelson Varas-DiazWorks on public health system resilience in Latin America and the Caribbean
HistoryTovah BenderWorks on social networks among non-elites when the republican Florentine government shifted towards oligarchy 
History Christopher CalvoWorks on antebellum American political economy
History Rebecca FriedmanWorks on Community Engaged Research on Climate Gentrification
History Chantalle F VernaWorks on these themes within the context of domestic and international affairs in Haiti, as part of African Diaspora and structural racism worldwide, particularly within the context of the international organization system
History Kirsten E WoodWorks on economic activity and development in the early United States
Politics and International RelationsJohn ClarkWorks on conflict and peacemaking as well as Foreign Policy in Africa
Politics and International RelationsFelix MartinWorks on international relations theory, security/peace studies, and international political economy
Public Policy and AdministrationAgatha CaraballoAdvancing social justice, civil discourse and ethical leadership in public institutions 
Public Policy and AdministrationShaoming ChengWorks on local governments' green/sustainable public procurement as a policy tool in sustainable development
Works on the relationship of housing unaffordability and migration and commuting 
Public Policy and AdministrationSukumar GanapatiResearch on cybersecurity in sub-national governments
Public Policy and AdministrationHyewon KangWorks on how fiscal transparency can facilitate citizen engagement and the state and local governments' fiscal health 
Public Policy and AdministrationMilena NeshkovaStudies institution building and government integrity in third-wave democracies, bureaucratic professionalization in transition countries, the effect of financial transparency on political corruption, the link between e-government and bureaucratic corruption 
Public Policy and AdministrationValerie PattersonAttended community presentations and engaged community organizations related to their efforts to foster community resilience and prosperity I have also served on panels organized by community organizations
Public Policy and AdministrationKeith RevellResearch related to the role of inequality as an aspirational American value
The role of public officials and community organizations in the crafting of urban development policies