Poverty, Health, and Global Inequalities

While the number of people living in extreme poverty has decreased by more than half since 1990, the scale of global poverty remains vast with about 10 percent of the global population still living below the international poverty line. In addition, the gap between rich and poor is widening. Both poverty and inequality have been exacerbated by COVID-19 as disadvantaged groups, in particular, cope with the long-term shocks wrought by the pandemic. Access to adequate health care is also a growing concern across the globe. Green School faculty are producing leading research on racial and gender inequality, gentrification, minorities and marginalized communities, and the complex role of globalization in both ameliorating poverty and concentrating wealth.

DepartmentNameFaculty Research
EconomicsBerrak BahadirWorks on the importance of wealth and income inequality for the link between borrowing and business cycles 
EconomicsSheng GuoWorks on the effects of Global Financial Crisis on the disparity of consumption and savings of households
EconomicsCem KarayalcinConducts research on the historical causes of and current state of global income and wealth inequalities
EconomicsNorihiko MatsudaWorks on the effects of a social safety net program on the well being of the elderly
EconomicsTobias PfutzeWorks on the  impact of social protection programs in various countries
EconomicsMihaela PinteaWorks on how socioeconomic background affects educational attainment and health 
EconomicsAbu ShonchoyWorks on global public health questions related to early childhood development and nutrition for infants using RCT methods
EconomicsNicholas WrightWorks on (i) Education policies in developing nations and (ii) evaluation of public health policies in the US
EconomicsHakan YilmazkudayWorks on the spread of COVID-19 and its unequal economic effects across socioeconomic and demographic groups
Global and Sociocultural StudiesKevin GroveWorks on the social, cultural and spatial determinants of health inequalities and health system resilience in Latin America and the Caribbean
Global and Sociocultural StudiesZachary LevensonAnalyzes struggles over housing and mass evictions in Cape Town, South Africa
Global and Sociocultural StudiesKathy LinenbergerWorks on public health, social epidemiology,  social welfare and violence prevention programming
Global and Sociocultural StudiesShearon LoweryWorks on public health issues, including drug and alcohol consumption and sexual health
Global and Sociocultural StudiesMatt MarrExamines how social context at multiple scales shapes homelessness in Japan and the US
Global and Sociocultural StudiesRod NeumannExamines socially and spatially unequal access to resources in and around conservation protection areas
Global and Sociocultural StudiesUlrich OslenderExamines impacts of and resistance to geographically uneven development in Colombia's Pacific coast
Global and Sociocultural StudiesMark PadillaWorks on structural and social drivers of public health inequalities in Latin America, the Caribbean and the US
Global and Sociocultural StudiesGenevieve ReidWorks on geographies of health inequalities and health mobilities in Latin America and the Caribbean
Global and Sociocultural StudiesSheilla Rodriguez-MaderaWorks on social, economic and environmental determinants of health inequalities in Latin America
Global and Sociocultural StudiesDerrick ScottWorks on housing, land tenure, and smart growth in US, Caribbean and Sub-Saharan African cities
Global and Sociocultural StudiesNelson Varas-DiazWorks on social, economic and environmental determinants of health inequalities in Latin America
History Tovah BenderWorks on social networks among non-elites when the republican Florentine government shifted towards oligarchy 
History Rebecca FriedmanWitness Institute for Visual Journalism/Preservation of Democracy Across Borders
History Catherine MasWorks on the history of campaigns to expand healthcare access to under-served populations
History Okezi T OtovoWorks on the history of Black women's health care and racial inequalities in maternal health
HistoryBianca PremoWorks on history of children and reproductive rights in colonial and early 20th-century Latin America
HistoryDan RoylesWorks on HIV/AIDS in the US and engagement by US activists with global HIV/AIDS pandemic
History Chantalle F VernaWorks on these themes within the context of domestic and international affairs in Haiti, as part of African Diaspora and structural racism worldwide
Politics and International RelationsSusanne ZwingelWorks on International women’s rights and their translation; gender equality advocacy around the world; global governance and gender; feminist, constructivist, and post-colonial IR theories; gender and armed conflict
Public Policy and AdministrationShaoming ChengWorks on local government management and governance and community transformation
Works on local governments' managerial and governance changes in response to the challenges of cybersecurity
Public Policy and AdministrationDonavon JohnsonWorks on administrative burden and their implications for underserved populations and vulnerable groups
Public Policy and AdministrationMeredith NewmanWorks on local government policy evaluation, with a focus on human resources