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Launched in January 2018 with the first annual State of the World conference on global relations and U.S. foreign policy, the Dorothea Green Lecture Series is the Green School’s premier event series, generously endowed by Ambassador Steven J. Green and his wife Dorothea Green.

As catalyst donors for more than 25 years, the Green Family has helped shape the university’s destiny. Their transformative gift to the Green School in 2015 is helping us fulfill FIU’s mandate - to become a preeminent center for international education and global problem solving.

To further that goal, the Dorothea Green Lecture Series focuses on the most important global issues of the day – from threats to democracy like corruption and authoritarianism to the struggle for human rights and the complexities of the United States’ standing in the world.

The series has already brought dozens of the world’s leading experts, journalists, current and former U.S. administration officials and opinion-shapers to FIU to tackle the toughest issues facing the globe today. 

Miami is at the center of a new networked world of global politics, networked geographically and demographically across the Americas and to Africa and Europe; networked economically through tourism, health care and real estate; and networked politically as a city on the front lines of climate change. The State of the World conversation is thus quite different in Miami than in Washington, in important and beneficial ways Anne-Marie Slaughter, President & CEO, New America