Melissa Da Gama

Program Coordinator



Melissa Da Gama is a program coordinator at the FIU Jack D. Gordon Institute with a focus on a new state-funded cybersecurity initiative, the Cybersecurity Leadership & Strategy Professional Education Program. Her daily efforts as the point of contact go towards maximizing outreach for the training events. 

Melissa is a recent B.A. graduate from Florida International University, majoring in Political Science and International Relations with a certificate in Human Rights and Political Transitions. As a student researcher in the Honors Diplomacy Lab, she steered her focus toward Cybersecurity and Latin America policy. She has researched the connection between the Belt Road Initiative and Chinese civilian security foreign assistance and assessed effective developmental interventions that reduce gang influence in Latin America.

Prior to her role as program coordinator, Melissa interned for Senator Marco Rubio as an outreach coordinator. Her role heavily prepared her for the operations necessary to collaborate on outreach strategies and event management.