Eric Isaac

Adjunct Faculty

Religious Studies

Phone: 305-348-2186


Curriculum Vitae


My main interest is the topic of spiritual power and abuse within faith communities, with a focus on Latinx and Protestant faith communities. I created the very first class on the topic of spiritual abuse at any State University in the United States. REL 4150 approaches the topic of spiritual power and abuse from a non-faith-based perspective, instead relying on a mixed methods social science approach. I have written two articles researching spiritual abuse that will appear shortly. The first proposes a working, social science, and historic definition of spiritual abuse. The second reports my findings from a survey and interviews I conducted about incentives to preserve power amongst abusers and experiences of abuse amongst survivors. I helped find our Christian studies certificate and teach a majority of the courses offered through the certificate program. In addition, I am also privileged to be involved in teaching study abroad programs in Scotland and Japan, as well as a COIL instructor. I also have the privilege of teaching our international students through the Global First Year.

Areas of Expertise

Analysis and Interpretation of Religion.

Courses Taught:

REL 4150 Spiritual Power & Abuse
REL 3530 Protestantism
REL 3532 Reformation
REL 3505 Introduction to Christianity
REL 3066 Race, Slavery, Christianity, & The Caribbean
REL 2011 Introduction To Religion
REL 3308 Studies in World Religions


MA Theological Studies, Fuller Graduate School, Pasadena CA
MA Latin American & Caribbean Studies, FIU, Miami FL