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Luca Zini

Adjunct Faculty

Politics and International Relations



Born in Milano, Italy, raised in Switzerland, and at eighteen moved to Sweden where I lived for about fourteen years. In Sweden, I studied political science and international relations and I graduated with a combined Degree of Master of Social Science, Honor Graduate Distinction (Major: Political Science; Minor: International Relations; Second Minor: Law/ECLaw) from the University of Stockholm, Sweden. My research interests lie in ethnicity, racism, discrimination, exploitation, and cultural appropriations, just to mention a few, and on the discourse of exclusion/inclusion of “exotic others” in the democratic process. Other areas of interest include territoriality, space, and the rights of indigenous people. As a Ph.D. Candidate, my dissertation attempts to study the emergence of the modern state and its effects on the lives, sovereignty, and identity of indigenous people. Besides pursuing a doctoral degree in Political Science, since 2003, I have been a full time teacher in social studies at Miami-Dade County Public Schools, and, since 2011, an adjunct professor of international relations at Florida International University.