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Marcie Washington


Public Policy and Administration

Office: SIPA 414

Phone: 305-348-3754



Dr. Washington received her Master's degree in International Affairs in the College of Social Sciences at Florida State University and her Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from Nova Southeastern University. She specializes in peace and conflict and studies, transnational security threats, and displaced persons and refugee studies, with a particular focus on the manner in which refugees and internally displaced persons influence civil war onset and international, domestic, and regional politics. Washington's research interests assists in challenging the notion that refugees and internally displaced persons are nothing more than victims with diminutive resources to challenge societal norms. Her research has delivered an understanding that refugee and internally displaced persons are also challengers whom have the capacity in certain political and social environments to organize a rebellion. Washington's work builds upon the rich and current scholarship on civil war onset and international migration by delving into the socio-psychological changes that occurs within groups that promotes collective action.

Washington teaches courses on international relations, security studies, and the politics of immigration. Such as, Challenges of Refugees and Migrants, Conflict, Security, and Peace Studies, Politics of Development and Underdevelopment, Strategic Studies and National Security, Development of International Relations Thought, and Contemporary Problems in International Relations.

Areas of Expertise

international and Civil conflict, International Migration, Security Studies


B.A., College of Charleston, Political Science M.A., Florida State University, International Affairs Ph. D., Nova Southeastern University, Conflict Analysis and Resolution