Harvey Schoonover

Adjunct Professor

Politics and International Relations

Office: MMC, SIPA 213

Phone: 305-348-2226

Email: hscho001@fiu.edu


I completed my BA in Political Science and Criminal Justice (Double Major) from Florida Atlantic University in 2008. I went on to complete a MA in Political Science, also from Florida Atlantic University, in 2010. Due to professional and personal interests, I decided to complete a second MA degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies from Florida International University in 2013. As a combined MALACS/IR PhD Student, I began the IR PhD program during the Fall of 2013.

My current research focuses on comparative regional security/defense integration within the Western Hemisphere, as a method to counter unconventional security threats such as transnational organized crime and the convergence of transnational criminal organizations with international terrorist networks. I also have a professional interest in the areas of political-military affairs and military diplomacy.

Areas of Expertise

International Security and Strategic Studies, US Defense Policy, International Organizations, Regional Defense Integration, and Western Hemisphere Security/Defense Affairs