Stephen Balkaran

Adjunct Professor

Politics and International Relations

Office: MMC, SIPA 213

Phone: 305-348-2555


Curriculum Vitae


Stephen Balkaran is currently an Instructor of African American Studies at Central Connecticut State University, where he initiated, developed, and coordinate a Civil Rights Project (2006-Pres). He also serves as Adjunct Instructor of Political Science at Florida International University (2020-Pres.), The University of Connecticut (2005-06), Post University (2003-04), and Capital Community College (1999-03). Before launching his academic career, Mr. Balkaran worked for the African National Congress (Nelson Mandela’s ruling party in South Africa) in partnership with the University of Connecticut. He was also a Research Associate for the United Nations in New York and was a former aide to the CT Secretary of State. 

He has authored 8 books: America’s Promise: Chasing the Dream of Civil Rights (2021), Introduction to African American Studies; A Reader, (2018) Broken Promises, Broken Dreams, Disparities and Disappointments: Civil Rights in the 21st Century (2017), Before We Were Called Hispanics: Conversations on the Politics, Race, and Immigration Reform (2016), The Continuing Significance of Race: An American Dilemma, (2014). and Re-Tracing the Civil Rights Movement (2011). His 9th and forthcoming book is entitled Trouble in Paradise: The African American Experience in Key West.

He has also authored over 70 articles in Academic Journals, Magazines, and OP-ED’s on Race Relations, Diversity & Inclusion, American Foreign Policy, and Public Policy. He has also given over 150 speeches on his research, publications, and books throughout the United States.

Mr. Balkaran’s educational background spans from the Presentation College in Trinidad, The University of Connecticut, and Quinnipiac University School of Law, including Fellowships at Yale University. Mr. Balkaran currently resides in Weston, FL. USA.