Elizabeth Terry-Roisin

Assistant Professor


Office: DM 385A

Phone: 305-348-9873

Email: eterryro@fiu.edu

Curriculum Vitae


Professor Terry-Roisin is an historian of early modern Europe with a particular emphasis on Spain, Italy, and the Mediterranean world, and she is a second-field medievalist. Her research has been supported by a Franklin Grant from the American Philosophical Society. Her research interests include the social and cultural history of early modern Europe and medieval Europe, focusing on 1000-1700, the Mediterranean world, early modern Spain, the Renaissance in Granada, Spanish literature, the empire of Charles V, early modern Genoa, conquistadors, chivalric culture, the military orders, relations between Spain and Italy, the Jesuits, theologies of “limpieza de sangre,” and the Moriscos of Spain. Her first book (in progress), Morisco Knights in Renaissance Spain, which begins in Nasrid Granada, deals with questions of cultural assimilation, the nature of “nobility” in early modern Spain, and the treatment of religious minorities. Beyond her primary areas of expertise, Professor Terry-Roisin is also interested in comparative ideas of the “frontier” in Mediterranean, Spanish, and American history, and also studies gardens, the nineteenth century, Romanticism, memory, and nineteenth-century American attitudes towards Spain. She teaches a range of lower and upper division classes including Western Civilization surveys, Renaissance and Reformation, the History of Spain, The Knight in European and Mediterranean History, Forgotten Realms of the Late Middle Ages, as well as a graduate seminar on Early Modern Europe.