Publication: Tobias Pfutze in Journal of Development Economics

Dr. Tobias Pfutze, Associate Professor of Economics, has published (joint with Kalvin Bahia, Pau Castells, Genaro Cruz, Takaaki Masaki, Xavier Pedrós, Carlos Rodríguez-Castelán and Hernán Winkler) in Journal of Development Economics a paper titled “The Welfare Effects of Mobile Broadband Internet: Evidence from Nigeria”. The published version can be accessed here.

  • Coverage by mobile 3G networks in Nigeria reduces poverty and increases both food and non-food consumption. 
  • It also increases labor force participation, especially for wage employment. 
  • The estimated increase in employment is large enough to explain the increase in consumption and associated decline in poverty. 
  • These results are strongest for males, the initially poorer, rural areas, and in the south of the country.