Alexis Baez, M.S.

Account Manager

Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy



Alexis Baez is a driven and accomplished professional, dedicated to creating impactful strategies and engaging content. With a passion for effective communication, she excels in delivering messages that resonate with diverse audiences. Alexis graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Media Studies from Florida International University (FIU) , where she honed her skills in crafting compelling narratives and understanding the power of media. She then furthered her educational journey at FIU, earning herself a Master of Science degree in Global Strategic Communications.

Currently serving as the Marketing & Communications Account Manager for the Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy, Alexis thrives in the dynamic world of marketing, utilizing her expertise to develop and implement successful campaigns. Her strategic mindset allows her to understand clients' needs and translate them into effective marketing strategies that deliver results. With a strong background in web analytics, mobile analytics, and social media strategy, Alexis is adept at measuring customer engagement and providing detailed reports. She leads her team to curate engaging social media content and coordinate tactical marketing initiatives. Additionally, Alexis offers valuable support in basic graphic design, ensuring visual elements align with the overall brand message.