FIU and City of Buenos Aires poised to expand collaboration on areas of mutual interest

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Reflecting its ever-growing reputation and ties with countries and cities throughout the hemisphere and beyond, Florida International University has forged an official connection with a city some 4,000 miles to its south.

FIU – through the Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC) at the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs – and the City of Buenos Aires signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to strengthen ties and expand collaboration efforts.

Both Buenos Aires and Miami are global cities that face common challenges and opportunities, and the MOU opens the door for collaborative activities between the two institutions and more generally, between FIU and Argentine higher education and research institutions. Areas of common interest include public security and governance, public health, climate change, energy and transportation, disaster risk management, and cybersecurity.

“This agreement is a mutual recognition between the City of Buenos Aires and FIU of the capacities that we have to develop specific solutions to raise the standard of living of our populations,” said Martin Redrado, Buenos Aires' Secretary for Strategic Affairs, who signed the agreement on behalf of the City of Buenos Aires.

Areas of future collaboration include jointly taught executive education courses in Miami and Buenos Aires; visits to Buenos Aires by students and staff at FIU and Buenos Aires civil servants to FIU; joint research projects that link Buenos Aires-based and FIU faculty; and events on pressing topics of mutual interest.

“I welcome the opportunity to turn the agreement into action, by encouraging LACC-affiliated faculty to work with Buenos Aires on some of the toughest challenges of 21st century urbanism, including the energy transition, public security, mental health, education, and natural hazards,” said Anthony Pereira, director of LAAC. “This could be the beginning of a productive and mutually beneficial relationship, and I am looking forward to taking our next steps together.”

Shlomi Dinar, dean of the Green School added, “It is now up to FIU faculty and personnel in the government of Buenos Aires to take advantage of the opportunities created by this agreement.”