Rebecca M. Salokar Scholarship



The Rebecca M. Salokar Scholarship is intended to benefit students in the Department of Politics and International Relations who are enrolled in a pre-law course of study. Rebecca Salokar was a political science professor at FIU for 31 years. She served as Chair of the Department of Politics and International Relations, undergraduate adviser in political science and associate director of the Institute for Public Policy and Citizenship Studies. One of her proudest accomplishments was her creation of The Pre-Law Advising and Training Office (PLATO), and the ability for students to now obtain a Certificate in Pre-Law Skills and Professional Values. She will be remembered as a member of the FIU family who made a lasting impact and profoundly touched students, faculty, and staff alike.


  1. Must be a full-time FIU undergraduate student;
  2. Must be a declared major in political science or international relations;
  3. Must be on track to graduate in the current semester (Spring) or in one of the next two semesters (Summer or Fall); and
  4. Must have applied to FIU College of Law.

Additional Requirements for the Scholarship Recipient(s)

The scholarship recipient(s) must provide: (1) proof of admission to FIU College of Law and (2) proof of commitment to attend FIU College of Law.

Application Package

Applicants must submit the following: (1) Resume, (2) unofficial transcript, (3) statement [750 words] indicating the applicant’s qualifications for the scholarship (awards will be made on the basis of merit, need, and commitment to the community), and (4) evidence that you have applied to FIU College of Law (email confirmation, screenshot, etc.).

Application Due Date and Submission

Friday, March 4, 2022 at https:/fiu.academicworks.comopportunities/11092

Award Amount


Award Announcement

Award will be presented at the Department’s annual end-of-year awards ceremony. Winners will receive an invitation via email.