Diana Ter-Ghazaryan

PhD, International Relations and Geography, Florida International University (2010)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Center

Email: dterghaz@fiu.edu

Areas of Expertise: Geographic Information Systems; geospatial technology; spatial data science; geolocative web mapping applications; Armenian studies; Armenian diaspora studies; higher education; training and development; curriculum development; program administration, in-person instruction; online instruction.


Diana Ter-Ghazaryan is a Faculty Research Associate at the FIU GIS Center. She holds a PhD in International Relations and Geography from Florida International University, a Master’s in Environmental Studies from Florida International University, and a BS in Environmental Science and Anthropology from the University of Rio Grande. Dr. Ter-Ghazaryan has been researching and teaching with GIS for the past 15 years, with interests at the intersection of cultural geography, geospatial technology and digital/spatial humanities. At the FIU GIS Center, Ter-Ghazaryan collaborates with business units and faculty on externally and internally funded research in the geospatial realm. She designs and delivers customized GIS workshops and works with faculty to incorporate geospatial visualization and analysis into their teaching and advises graduate and undergraduate students in geospatial visualization and data analysis. She organizes geospatial awareness events and coordinates the GIS Center’s outreach efforts within FIU, and to the broader South Florida community. Prior to her current appointment at the FIU GIS Center, Dr. Ter-Ghazaryan was a full-time Lecturer and Director of the Geospatial Technology Program at the Department of Geography at the University of Miami. In that role, she taught graduate and undergraduate courses in GIS and geography and managed the Geospatial Technology Certificate Program.

Courses Taught

GIS 5620: Surveillance, Intelligence, and International Relations