“The Master of Arts in Global Affairs program at the Green School has been instrumental in my professional development. The program's interdisciplinary approach and emphasis on real-world problem-solving not only equipped me with the necessary skills but also instilled in me the confidence to navigate the complex landscape of international relations and security studies. The faculty really set the program apart, they are distinguished in their fields and extended their mentorship beyond the classroom, offering me invaluable guidance and nurturing my potential.”

Michelle Rosenberg, MA Global Affairs '23

“The Global Affairs program, specifically the research methods course with Dr. Ilcheva, has provided me with tools to be a proactive and thorough investigator with the State of Florida. Because of the valuable information I learned in her course, I can appreciate the importance of thorough research and pertinent information as it relates to my clients in order to conduct successful investigations.”

Selma Jasarevic, MA Global Affairs ‘22

“As an international student, the Global Affairs program gave me a considerable advantage in the U.S. job market by giving me the opportunity to complete my Capstone Project with the United Nations. The Globalization and Security track led me to secure a position as an international liaison in the private sector. The faculty, program coordinators, and career coaches are the assets of the program which build future successful leaders in our globalized world.”

Victoria Berge, MA Global Affairs ‘21

“The Master of Arts in Global Affairs Program gave me the opportunity to participate in an externship that provided me knowledge in the policy world. Throughout the Global Risk and Corporate Responsibility track, I learned the role corporations play in diplomatic relations, policy, and impact. This program helped me to develop analytical writing and research skills that has made me a standout candidate.”

Gabriella DaSilva, MA Global Affairs ‘20

“The Master of Arts in Global Affairs Program and the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs helped me prepare for a professional career within government. The valuable experience I gained helped me shape conversations with senior government officials and assist in establishing effective U.S. policy.”

Alec Lalani, MA Global Affairs ‘19

“The Global Affairs Program played a huge role in my success! In my current role, I support the development and delivery of competitive proposals in response to solicitations from international development donors such as USAID, Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI), Department of State, and German Federal Foreign Office. I specifically focus on countering drivers of radicalization and promoting stability in conflict affected areas around the world. The Global Affairs program increased my awareness of and helped me understand specific global sensitivities and crises, in order to effectively approach them. The program enhanced my writing and communication skills when working with US Government counterparts and fellow teammates. To add, FIU’s and the Global Affairs Program’s reputation is well known across DC and a number of my colleagues had even worked with some professors from the program in the past. The Global Affairs programs is not only great for learning but also networking.”

Alexandra Thulin, MA Global Affairs ‘19

“Reflecting on my time as a Global Affairs student, I conclude that the experience not only augmented my abilities as a professional, but also prepared me for a field that is broad in scope and constantly evolving. Both my time as an intelligence professional in the United States Army and my current role as a security administrator at one of the world’s largest international transportation hubs have laid a unique and invaluable foundation for me. The Global Affairs program's challenging, relevant and timely course work, along with its first-rate professors, compliment these experiences in an impactful manner that will empower me to bring tremendous value to my profession.”

Michael Medina, MA Global Affairs ‘18

“Overall I had a really great time in the program. I have met some outstanding people from around the world with different background and life experiences. The classes in the Global Affairs program are great; they help the student challenge himself in various ways, from understanding macro-economy, globalization, security to becoming a better public speaker and a better writer. This program has helped me become a more rounded professional. I believe that I have improved on and acquired skills that will translate into being the professional that a lot of companies and agencies want.”

Ivan Aguilar, MA Global Affairs ‘17

“Coming into the Global Affairs program, I did not know what to expect. However, after one year in the program I can honestly say my experience has been a positive one. Beginning with the administration who are always informing us of career opportunities and important events that can be helpful to our future. The professors are also passionate about teaching and give one-on-one guidance when needed. Since I started the program, I have been able to expand my range of career choices and I attribute such growth to the assistance and support from the Global Affairs program. I am currently working for the Department of Justice under the Office of the Inspector General. I credit the Global Affairs program for this opportunity and feel this new experience will open main doors in my future.”

Stephanie Alejo, MA Global Affairs ‘17

“The Master of Arts in Global Affairs provides the perfect balance between learning the theory behind these tools and skills, and knowing how to apply them in the real world through practical exercises. You are guided by qualified professors, who have confronted these challenges in their work experience and can provide you real-life insights. You experience what it means to debate and discuss global affairs in a globalized world with a diverse cohort, composed of dedicated individuals from different countries. I am already seeing the results of my experience at the Global Affairs program with better performance at tackling tasks at my current job and with an expanded understanding of global challenges.”

Mario Di Giovanni, MA Global Affairs ‘17

“The Global Affairs Program prepared me with the critical thinking and analytical mindset necessary to perform my current duties as an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) analyst. In the Global Affairs Program, my capstone project focused on an AML topic. In the capstone, I was able to partner and network with Raymond James Financial and United States Special Operations Command on my capstone and be offered a job with Raymond James at the conclusion of the project (where I worked prior to my job at USAA Bank). I’m grateful to the Global Affairs program for the education, guidance, and networking opportunities which has helped me start my career.”

Pierre Funderburk, MA Global Affairs ‘17

“As an undergraduate student, I had an academic understanding of international relations, but this Master's program has elevated me to have a deeper understanding of international relations. By taking courses on globalization, human security and international law, I have developed a greater contextualization of the emerging security environment we face today and in the future. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to apply my acquired skills at United States Southern Command in the Strategy, Policy and Plans Directorate where I have been able to make impactful changes in shaping future U.S. Foreign Policy in Latin America.”

Richard Hughes, MA Global Affairs ‘17

“Graduating from the executive Master of Arts in Global Affairs program is a great source of pride for me. The program covers a host of relevant topics including Globalization, Cyber Security, and International Law. The variety of disciplines makes the program very challenging while the faculty are knowledgeable and world class. Whether it is a future in government or the private sector the opportunities for maximizing your understanding of international relations is present. Most if not all of what was covered in the Global Affairs program is relevant to my current work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Overall, I have no doubt that the experience with the Global Affairs Program has only made me a more skilled professional.”

Donald Dinehart, MA Global Affairs ‘16

“The Global Affairs program equipped me with the tools needed to address real life problems that companies have from a global perspective. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the silo of academia, but my professors were able to bring that real-world challenge into the classroom and help us think through processes to find solutions.”

Roya Gordon, MA Global Affairs ‘16

“The Master of Arts in Global Affairs Program is truly unique as it consolidates theoretical education with practical situations one would encounter in a wide range of occupations. For me, the curriculum's emphasis on analyzing policies and suggesting proposals or solutions helped me develop critical skills I frequently utilize in my role. The training I received in the program is reflected in my work today.”

Durim Halimi, MA Global Affairs ‘16

"The Global Affairs program has been instrumental in my professional development. Global Affairs classes are taught by stellar and experienced professors who equip you with knowledge and tools to successfully confront the complex and multifaceted challenges in the real world. My cohort is composed of a culturally diverse and dynamic group who will be lifelong colleagues.”

Naomie Labaty, MA Global Affairs ‘16

“The FIU Master’s in Global Affairs Program has played a significant role in my success by providing me with the needed confidence and fluency to speak and write at various government levels. I have been able to apply the hands-on experience and research skills that the program has taught me to my current focus on Latin America and United States bilateral relationships in the region.”

Desmond McGill, MA Global Affairs ‘16

"Studying in the Global Affairs program helped me to develop professional skills I use in the field, and gave me the opportunity to network with a great cohort of fellow students and knowledgeable and caring professors. Being a speaker in an international conference, the internship experience in D.C., the capstone project with the U.S. State Department, and the support of a wonderful staff made the graduate school experience unique."

Johana Ravelo, MA Global Affairs ‘16

"The FIU Global Affairs program is as challenging as it was rewarding. With highly reputable professors and top of the line facilities, I was able to learn various topics of global affairs and gain experience in how to apply what I've learned into the workplace. Apart from allowing me to present my research at three different conferences, Global Affairs also referred me to the Cuban American National Foundation where I am currently employed. This professional program has given me the opportunity to grow as both a professional and a future scholar."

Felix Jorge Reynoso, MA Global Affairs ‘16

"Working through a theoretical and analytical framework, the Global Affairs program made it possible for me to fully grasp the many social, economic and political challenges of our highly complex world. Its interdisciplinary curriculum served as a catalyst for understanding the dynamics that shape our national security and the strategic approach needed to tackle them. Its integrated career service ensures student’s success out in the real world."

Rances Vargas, MA Global Affairs ‘16