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The Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab fosters multidisciplinary research, teaching and outreach activities that encourage individuals and communities to reflect upon and celebrate diverse heritage, traditions and history. It takes advantage of FIU’s status as an urban research institution and its strategic location in Miami to capitalize upon the creative, scholarly and teaching expertise of faculty and curatorial professionals. The lab positions FIU as a leader within the emerging field of public humanities by leveraging the resources of the university’s three museums along with the research, teaching and production capacities of humanities departments within the Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs, the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts and the College of Arts, Sciences & Education, including the Department of History's thriving Public History program. Innovative programming includes theatrical and musical performances, exhibitions and humanities festivals as well as the making and presenting of art, music, writing and oral histories in digital environments, while educational endeavors include the training of artists and storytellers as well as the preparing of leaders who will ensure that the arts and humanities remain accessible to everyone.