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Zenel Garcia

Adjunct Faculty

Politics and International Relations



Dr. Zenel Garcia is an Adjunct Professor of International Relations. Through a joint degree program, Dr. Garcia earned an M.A. in Asian Studies in 2014 and a Ph.D. in International Relations in 2018 at Florida International University, Miami, FL. I characterize my research as broadly incorporating two interrelated processes: regional formation and transformation as well as conflict resolution mechanisms. Past publications and current research projects assess the following: how securitization and desecuritization dynamics affect strategic choice; how foreign policy role conception is influenced by endogenous and exogenous factors and how they are contested by regional and systemic actors; and lastly, how national interests, expressed through foreign policy preferences, are affected by domestic and systemic forces and consequently influence the discourse that constitute political and economic regions. Collectively, these publications and projects evaluate the effects of these dynamics on regional formation and transformation processes as well as conflict resolution mechanisms.