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Ana Paula Podcameni

Adjunct Faculty

Politics and International Relations



I was born in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, 1978. In 2003, I obtained a double B.A. degree in Social Science, and International Relations from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio). Two years later, I enrolled in a M.A. program at the same university, and graduated presenting a thesis based on the Wittgenstein’s later work and its application in UN decision making for humanitarian interventions. Though the love for Wittgenstein still remains, I have decided to take a different road in my PhD research. I am currently working with Dr. Harry Gould and developing an analysis based on International Law, a subject I have grown very found of. More precisely, my work aims at answering a rather controversial inquiry: if do children qualify for individual criminal responsibility under International Criminal Law? To approach the question, I am developing a rather different venue: one that frames the problem within children’s international rights mountings, and centers the investigation on the close relationship between minimum age of military recruitment and minimum age of criminal responsibility.