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United Nations (Note: Search by individual interest) Website
U.S Government Agency Directory(Note: Search by individual Agency) Website
U.S Department of Energy: Technical Career Internship Program Website
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) : The Environmental Careers Program (ECP) Website
University Leadership and Performance: Intern Programs Website
Department of State Website
Departmental Offices: Department of the Treasury Website
Departmental Offices: Department of the Treasury OIA Summer Student Website
Other U.S Department of State Internships (including the "Pathways Program") Website
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Website
Central Intelligence Agency Website
Defense Intelligence Agency Website
Department of Energy Website
Department of Homeland Security Website
Department of Homeland Security - Office of Chief Counsel More Information
Department of the Treasury Website
Drug Enforcement Agency Website
National Security Agency Website
Office of Naval Intelligence Website
US Army Student Programs Website
US Marine Corps Intelligence Department Website
Federal Internship Directory Website
USAJOBS(Note: Search by keyword) Website
Directory of U.S House of Representatives(Note: Search by individual Representative office) Website
Directory of U.S Senators (Note: Search by individual Senator office) Website
USDA International Agricultural Internship Program (Note:Candidates will have some experience (paid or volunteer) in agriculture, international affairs, business, information technology or a related field. ) Please send resumes and any attachments to:
Department of Commerce Directory Database (Note: Search by interest) Website
Department of Defense Procurement Jobs Directory (Note: Search ascertained through keywords) Website
Internships at the Department of Commerce (Note: Applicants must demonstrate a strong interest in public service, public policy, governmental affairs, public affairs, business and/or community engagement.) Note: To apply for an internship, send your resume to:
The United States Department of Justice Internships/ Fellowships Website
Lewis Educational and Research Collaborative Internship Program Website
USAID (Population and Reproductive Health Intern) Website
Latin American Idea: Competition and Marketplace (Note: Interest in economics, business, and entrepreneurship) Website
USAID (Virtual Student Foreign Service) Website
National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (STARS): U.S. Department of Homeland Security, University of Maryland (unpaid) Website
USAID (Student Internships) Website
National Security Agency (NSA) Website
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): 2014 Honors College Internship Flyer
Department of Energy Minority Educational Institution Student Partnership Program Website