Winter Mini Term Begins December 15, 2017

As the end of the semester approaches, the Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs is offering students an opportunity to gain additional course credit through a Fall/Winter Mini-Term. This is a special 2 week session, giving students who need or want additional credits, the chance to register for any of the below listed courses.

The term will begin on Friday, December 15th and end on Wednesday, January 3rd. Registration begins Monday, October 23rd.

The last date to add/drop these courses without penalty is December 21st. The last day to drop with a "DR" grade is December 28th.

October 23, 2017 Registration begins
December 15, 2017 First day of classes
December 21, 2017 Last day to add/drop
December 28, 2017 Last day to drop course with DR grade
January 3, 2018 Last day of classes
January 5, 2017 Grades viewable

The standard university course load policy still applies. Students wishing to take a course but who have reached their maximum allowed number of credits for the current term must speak with their academic advisor and financial aid advisor (if applicable).

For more information, contact your advisor or email Melonie Vanderpool at

Please refer to Fall Mini Session for more information regarding this Session.

The following Classes are being offered by SIPA

Class Number Course Section Description
77842 ASN 2002 RVM Asian Societies
77843 ASN 3410 RVM Intro East Asia
77858 ECO 3410 RVM Meas & Analy Eco Act
77857 ECS 3013 RVM Intro To Econ Develo
77839 ANT 3241 RVM Myth-Ritual-Mysticis
77840 GEA 2000 RVM Wrld Regional Geogra
77841 SYG 2000 RVM Intro Sociology
77845 AMH 2020 RVM Amer Hist Since 1877
77846 WOH 2001 RVM World Civilization
77844 SPN 4520 RVM Latin Am Culture
77848 URS 3005 RVM Service Learning
77847 URS 4931 RVM Spec Top In Urs