Professor earns top FIU faculty award, starts fund for student research


By Melissa Burgess

After working in international public administration and analyzing government for over 20 years, Allan Rosenbaum started to wonder what was next.

He came to FIU to work with students in 1988 and has been changing lives ever since.

Because of his dedication to students and higher education, Rosenbaum, a public administration professor and director of the Institute for Public Management and Community Service at the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs, was recently awarded The President’s Council Worlds Ahead Faculty Award at the university’s Faculty Convocation and Awards Ceremony.

The award recognizes full-time faculty who make an impact in their field through research, partnership or creative initiatives; who promote student learning, innovation and collaboration in teaching mentorship or advising; and who demonstrate distinguished leadership within the university.

{img:allan-rosenbaum_crop-400x257.jpg,Image “This represents a combination of a fairly long career that involved a lot of different things from trying to provide good education for students, to working alongside government administrators and academics in other countries to help build a democratic institution,” he said. “FIU is very special to me and it’s always very special to be recognized by your colleagues and those who know you best.”

Along with the recognition, the professor was awarded $15,000.

Rosenbaum is donating his prize to start a fund to support public administration research conducted by students.

“Engaging in research involves expenses,” he said. “If a student does research and wants to present their research at a conference, that obviously involves costs for them to get to and from the conference and registration fees, so it occurred to me that maybe we can use this money to begin that kind of fund for them.”

Being actively engaged in research for international government and public administration, Rosenbaum emphasized the importance of faculty engaging in research activity with their students.

“I have a strong belief that it is very important and valuable for the education of students to have the experience to work with faculty in research activity and we encourage that very much in the public administration department,” he said. “Almost all of our faculty engages in research with our students.”

Thanks to Rosenbaum’s donation, more and more students will get the opportunity to experience research and better equip themselves for success in their field.