FIU Model UN Ranked #2 in North America


FIU has achieved its highest ranking ever by competing at all four of the most competitive conferences this semester and winning a delegation award at every one. The four delegation awards are the most of any team on the circuit this semester. The team won the Best Small Delegation award three times at UPMUNC, CMUNNY, and BarMUN. The team also competed as a large delegation at NCSC and won the Outstanding Large Delegation award there.

One of FIU’s competitive strengths is its optimized team as its small delegation achieves weighted scores at a similar level as the large delegation award winners. For example, the team was actually #1 at BarMUN in terms of weighted score. If any Ivy League ceiling ever existed, FIU would have smashed it by now because the team is now ranked above every Ivy League team. Now, the only team it has ever yet to rank ahead is UChicago, the #1 team for the past three years. FIU will get their head-to-head chance against UChicago at HNMUN, though it will also need to fend off Yale — which snapped FIU’s two-year Outstanding Large Delegation award streak at HNMUN last year — and a renewed UPenn team there first before it could be ranked any higher.