Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center Updates

April 3: FIU LACC/ARC virtual meeting with U.S. Department of State. Students briefed Department of State officials for the Spring 2015 Diplomacy Lab Project on Anti-Corruption Initiatives. Students conducted applied research that support the activities and policy engagement of U.S. officials in foreign service.


April 10: The LACC Student Organization, MALACS, hosted the 13th Annual South Florida Latin American and Caribbean Studies Graduate Student Conference. The Tri-University Conference was co-sponsored by FIU LACC, FAU, and UM's CLAS, and features MA candidates presenting their research to peers.


April 15: Leonel Fernández Reyna, president of FUNGLODE and former president of the Dominican Republic, presented the second edition of Task Force Report, Building a Strategic Partnership: Dominican Republic and the State of Florida. Attendees —both students and members of the South Florida business community— heard his presentation of a decade-worth of achievements, new trends and opportunities, as well as his recommendations for continued partnerships and growth.

To view his presentation, click here


April 16 & April 23: LACC and Inter-American Press Association Webinar Series: Latin American Journalism: Ahead of the Curve on Digital Transformation but Behind the Times on Press Freedom?

Webinar I: News Media: Making it Relevant for the Tech Generation

Jorge Heili, Media Consultant. A journalist and former director of the successful online news center,, Heili now directs a cutting-edge startup in Buenos Aires that specializes in digital media technology.

Webinar II: Millennials are News Junkies Too! Just in a Different Way

Homero Hinojosa, Journalist, Consultant, Coach, and former managing editor at El Norte de Monterrey, Mexico, he has become the go-to person for Latin American and Caribbean publications seeking to capture the Millennial audience. He encourages acceptance of Millennial “assaults” on media and their demands for “more transparent” approaches to print and digital journalism, harnessing their new energy, and reconciling it with the traditional good-practice values of traditional journalism. To watch the webinar, click here.