Green School Adopts New Constitution

The Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs unanimously adopted their new constitution, ensuring department autonomy and integrity and preserving the mission of various units within the school.

The meeting was attended by more than 130 faculty members, including a 12-member committee. “The committee was a collaborative process,” said Rebecca Salokar, chair of the committee and professor at the school. “We have representatives from every department that, together, listen to each other and work through the language of [what’s there].”

The constitution and its newly-approved amendments will raise the profile of the school and the University, said Salokar.

“We are quickly going to get international and national attention,” she said. “We’re in a great location and we have programs that connect universities across the world. It’s efficient and nimble.”

“I am hugely grateful to Dr. Rebecca Salokar for her leadership as the Green School Constitution committee chair,” said John Stack, dean designate of the school. “The committee worked hard to gather faculty input through multiple drafts of the document. I believe it will become a model of faculty and administration collaboration in the years to come.”