Adventure in the Archives: The Bernard Diederich Collection at FIU Libraries

On March 17, 2015, Frank Mora, director of the Latin American and Caribbean Center, and Bernard Diederich sat down to talk about his six decades as a reporter in Latin America and the Caribbean. Diederich shared his accounts of historical events and spoke about his archival collection of information that documents Latin American and Caribbean history, now held in the Steven and Dorothea Green Library Special Collections Department. Diederich reported on Fidel Castro’s victory march into Havana. He was imprisoned and expelled from Haiti by Papa Doc in 1963, he investigated the assassination of President Rafael Trujillo, he witnessed the 1965 United States invasion of the Dominican Republic and he helped lead the media coup versus Nicaragua’s dictator, Somoza. Throughout the years, Diederich has worked for the Associated Press, New York Times, Daily Telegraph, Time-Life and Time Magazine.