Seminar on Public Budgets: Scope and Limitations as Tools for Good Governance in Paraguay

On December 11th, the Center for Democracy and Good Governance of the Institute of Public Management and Community Service (IPMCS) at Florida International University, the Congress of Paraguay and the National University of Asuncion with the support of COPLANEA hosted a seminar looking to analyze good practices in budget development in the pursuit of democratic strengthening. The seminar was open to all interested parties and at the Paraguayan Congressional Bicameral Chamber.

Speakers included Allan Rosenbaum, Director of the IPMCS at FIU who, accompanied by Robert Kravchuk from Indiana University, provided a perspective on the U.S. case. Additionally, Mr. William Roa, Secretary of Finance of the Department of Caquetá in Colombia, showcased the Colombian case. Dr. Juan Dario Monges, President of the Bicameral Budget Commission also presented the difficulties and results in the process of drawing up the National Paraguayan budget for 2014.