MAGG Capstone Project

The School of International and Public Affairs’ Capstone Project is a unique and innovative feature of the MAGG Program and provides an important component to students’ learning experience and training. Within the project, students are able to work directly with a faculty member or a specific professional agency/organization on a topic of policy relevance. These agencies/organizations include the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Southern Command, Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

The Capstone Project helps students advance their writing, research and public speaking skills, as well as providing students with unprecedented real-world experience. Throughout the semester, the student and faculty member/mentor work on their corresponding topic and prepare themselves for a presentation to several prestigious organizations. This year, students presented in two vital places of Washington D.C.: the Pentagon and the USDA. Other students presented in different agencies like SOCOM – located in Tampa – and the FBI and Southern Command – found locally. Students presented on topics regarding cyber security, finance, national security, development, human rights, etc. The project enabled students to bridge academia and policy-making and helped them transition from subject-centric learning to real-life experience.