MAGG Alumni Attend 5 Eyes Intelligence Conference in Washington D.C.

After graduating from SIPA’s Master of Arts in Global Governance Program, Brittany Kaylor and Monica Posada went to a 5 eyes Intelligence Conference in Washington D.C. to present their piece on the Foreign Language Deficit in the Intelligence Community. For their presentation, The Language of Your Enemy, the two had to apply skills learned in the MAGG program, such as presentation and analytical writing skills.

“It was an invaluable experience,” said Posada. “It exposed us to the kinds of research being done in the national security field and provided a great venue for students such as ourselves to get our research critiqued by experts in the field and fellow students alike. At this conference, I was able to see the real life applications for the many globalization and security topics covered in our MAGG classes.”

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Posada and Kaylor are both looking forward to being involved in next year’s conference. They are both grateful to MAGG for shaping them and educating them in topics of national security, international relations, globalization and more.

“We are very grateful for the funding that allowed us to have this experience,” said Kaylor. “This was my first time in DC and the first conference where I presented. I learned a lot and I would welcome any other self-development opportunities such as this in the future. MAGG served as a great networking tool and provided us with experiences and knowledge that will help us succeed in the future.”