Humanitarian Crisis: Central American Children at the US Border

On September 2, 2014, fall classes RLG 5106 / LAH 5937 kicked off the semester with an in-class colloquium on the ongoing border crisis of unaccompanied children crossing in the U.S. after long and extremely dangerous treks from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Topics covered included: What is driving these children to flee their home countries; what risks face them as they trek north, and the controversy and treatment that await them once they reach the border. The discussion was led by FIU experts Ana María Bidegain, Professor of Religious Studies specializing in the migrant religious experience; Erik Camayd, Professor of Spanish and Director of Translation & Interpretation Program; José Miguel Cruz, LACC Research Director and Visiting Professor, specializing in gang culture, criminal violence and Central America; and Juan Carlos Gómez, Director of the Carlos A. Costa Immigration and Human Rights Clinic, College of Law.