How to Handle the Media: A Communications Seminar

Communications are the lifeblood of the global community. We can communicate and interact with each other in a virtual communications world that can drive political, economic, business and personal decisions and affect reputations. Whether you are in business, politics, education, banking or any other profession, you must be prepared to communicate effectively with the media both locally as well as globally. At any moment, you could find yourself in the middle of a communications maelstrom. That is why FIU’s School of International and Public Affairs offers a one-day seminar designed to teach participants how to deal effectively with the media.

“How to Handle the Media” is a hands-on training seminar that ensures that the participants have the skills and strategies for both enhancing and protecting an organization’s image and reputation should they ever need to interact with the media. The course is designed to be useful to both public and private sector executives, managers and other professionals – particularly those in key positions who might have to interact with the media. In addition to lectures, videos and printed material, participants engage in a series of realistic interviews with reporters. Afterward, they have a chance to critique and view their own performances.

The program includes tips on how to communicate effectively under pressure in front of a microphone and camera, how to relax and present yourself convincingly during an interview, how to handle yourself during unexpected encounters with reporters and how to develop an effective press release. It also helps the participant understand the value of cultivating and developing relationships with reporters and helps them evaluate when and when not to accept interviews or answer questions from the media.

Dr. Edward Glab has been teaching this seminar for over three decades – both in English and Spanish. He brings a unique perspective to the training with his background in journalism, business and academia and provides his clients with insights from each of these perspectives. His clients have included numerous Fortune 500 companies in energy, banking, mining, automotive and food and drink industries. He has also trained many people from the public sector and has tutored political clients from both the United States and Latin America. He has conducted his training sessions in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

For more information on the program, please click here or contact Dr. Glab at or (305) 348-4203.