Film Screening and Webchat: Inequality for All

The Center for Labor Research and Studies (CLRS), together with Global Learning and the FIU Libraries, was pleased to cosponsor a showing of the film “Inequality for All” on Feb. 20, 2014. The film was followed by a live webcast with Dr. Robert Reich, author, former US Secretary of Labor and current professor. Reich outlined our changing economy and traced what has happened over the past fifty years, which has created conditions for a shrinking middle class and a growing 1% in America.

A winner at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, “Inequality for All” is thought-provoking and featured the most recent economic research. The CLRS and its Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy (RISEP) had invited key community partner organizations and labor unions to join us at the screening. This film further supported the reading and topics covered in the Global Learning courses taught at the CLRS, namely Introduction to Labor Studies, International and Comparative Labor Studies and Workers and Diversity.