Course on “Contemporary Issues in Public Administration”

This course began on November 4th, titled Contemporary Issues in Public Administration: Democratic Transition and Administrative Reform using the Country of Bulgaria as a Case Study.

This course on democracy and good government was held for 15 FIU graduate students, focused on democratic development in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian experience is especially relevant for illustrating the sometimes fragile nature of democratic institutions; the goal was to examine the process of transition to democracy and the efforts to achieve good governance.

Some of the important aspects covered in the lectures given were:

  • Finance Policy of Bulgaria
  • Legal Base of Public Administration in Bulgaria: Civil Servants and State Administration
  • Labor Market in Bulgaria: Employment Policies and the Role of National Employment
  • Civil Military Relations and National Security Transformation in Bulgaria
  • Foreign Policy of Bulgaria
  • EU Institutions and Public Administration
  • Civil Society and Public Administration in Bulgaria: Civic Participation in Policy Making
  • EU Funding of Public Administration, Management of Operational Programs