African and African Diaspora Studies Program – Emerging Research in AADS Student Presentations

On Monday, December 2nd, the African and African Diaspora Studies program had the pleasure of hosting students’ presentations about Emerging Research in AADS. Emerging Research was created as a space for first year AADS MA students, Education graduate students; students pursuing a graduate certificate in AADS and/or LACC to present an early draft of their research proposals or term papers. These students were enrolled in the courses AFA 5005 "African & African Diaspora Studies Theory" and/or AFA 6920 "African and African Diaspora Studies Graduate Colloquium” for the fall 2013. AADS Faculty attended to provide feedback on the proposals the students presented.

The audience, which was mainly students and faculty, was very engaged in the event. Faculty had plenty of feedback for the speakers that they hoped the students would use as constructive criticism. The take-away here wasn’t so much for the audience as it was for the students. The advice they received from AADS Faculty is hopefully something they will take into account when they revise their research proposals or term papers.