The Inter-American Court of Human Rights: The Court of Last Resort

On Feb. 13, Dr. Victor Uribe –Uran, History Dept. Chair, Dr. Ana Maria Bidegain, Religious Studies and defendant in a case currently before the Court, and Manuel Gomez, College of Law hosed Dr. Viviana Kristecevic , Defense lawyer for the Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL). CEJIL currently is a partner litigant in 220 cases before the Inter American justice system. A CEJIL litigator, Vivian Krstecevic, was joined by FIU faculty in a discussion concerning the types of crimes countries have been held accountable for and victims’ case histories. The following day, La Toma, a documentary about the siege on Colombia’s Palace of Justice by M19 in 1985, was aired and a Q&A was led by Dr. Ana Maria Bidegain who is personally involved in the case before the Court.