SIPA Welcomes New Art Piece to Grounds: COUNTERPOINT by Roger Berry

Through Art in State Buildings Program, new sculpture is acquired

This October, the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) welcomed the latest addition to its grounds, COUNTERPOINT. The sculpture created by renowned artist, Roger Berry, was made possible through the Art in State Buildings (ASB) Program of Florida.

Installed in early October, just outside the north entrance of the SIPA building, this stainless steel piece of art reaches 31 feet in the air and boasts a curvilinear form that intersects with the varying planes of the SIPA building. Dr. Carol Damian, the director and chief curator of the Patricia and Philip Frost Art Museum at FIU said, “this piece is an art-in-state-buildings project that just speaks for itself. The sculpture is a beautiful, carefully balanced work of art that soars with the lines of the building.”

The Art in State Buildings (ASB) program established in 1979, requires that each appropriation for the original construction of a state building include an amount of up to 0.5 percent of the total funding for the construction of the building, to be used for acquiring artwork for display in public areas. Through this program the artworks within state buildings create a permanent art collection of great variety that is owned by the citizens of Florida.

From an architectural context, the SIPA building, developed by the renowned Miami firm Arquitectonica, appears to be a different shape from every viewpoint. Its varying planes seem to represent the many perspectives that make up the intellectual core of SIPA. “When I first began to work on this sculpture, I spent hours looking at information about SIPA,” said sculptor Roger Berry. “What I discovered was an extremely complex array of international studies inquiries. Then, I finally found that within SIPA the entire world is examined.” Berry explains this as the reason behind his decision to sculpt something that would intersect with the planes of the existing building; he wanted to create art that would complement the building and solidify the meaning behind SIPA.

COUNTERPOINT is a swirl of lines riffing with the planes of the building,” says Berry. Together the magnificent building and COUNTERPOINT symbolize the complexity and multidimensionality of our globalizing world and SIPA’s mission to foster inquiry of that world.