SIPA Graduate Students to Participate in Aladdin Project Summer Program

Master of Arts in Global Governance students Giovanni L. Bruna and Claudia Balzán have been invited to participate in the prestigious International Summer University for Intercultural Leadership hosted by Anadolu Kültür and University of Bahçesehir in Istanbul, Turkey. The program was launched by the Aladdin Project, an independent, non-governmental organization based in Paris, whose goal is to promote a greater mutual knowledge among peoples of different cultures and religions, in order to develop a culture of peace and tolerance. The Summer University fosters this goal by bringing together students from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the United States for two weeks in order to develop their intercultural skills, and promote mutual respect for diverse cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. This year the program’s theme is “The European Experience” and the exploration of the roots and causes of violence in the 20th century.

The Summer University will take place from July 1st until July 15th. Students who participate in the program will meet with important delegations of European and Turkish political leaders. They will also attend lectures and workshops conducted by professors and academics from partner universities, including the Graduate Institute of Geneva (Switzerland), New York University (United States), Sciences Po Paris (France), and Tel Aviv University (Israel).

One aspect of the program requires students to work in groups to develop research projects, which they will continue to work on after the conclusion of the program. The research project is an opportunity for participants to work with students from different countries and cultural backgrounds to achieve a common goal. The group with the best project will be invited to attend an award ceremony in Paris, which offers the students more opportunities for international networking.

Claudia and Giovanni are very excited to be participating in such an important program. Claudia is no stranger to working with people from other cultures as she was an intern at the International Rescue Committee, where she assisted refugees with employment development. Giovanni hopes to further his professional experience by obtaining a job with a government agency or company. Giovanni states, “I highly look forward to representing FIU, SIPA, and the MAGG program in Istanbul. It is a true honor!”