U.S. Embassy Priority Internship, Yaisel Gonzalez

Yaisel Gonzalez


B.A. in International Relations – Magna Cum Laude - FIU Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies – FIU
M.A. in Global Governance – Graduated Top of Class – FIU
United States Department of State, Priority Intern – 2012
Public Affairs and Outreach Specialist/Manager at URS - Present

I was awarded a Priority Internship with the United States Department of State. Little did I know that I would embark on a journey that would prove to be the most significant of my career thus far.

I was posted at the United States Embassy in Guyana, South America. I managed numerous programs and a small budget; wrote speeches for the Ambassador, press releases, and marketing strategies. Furthermore, I attended meetings with top level officials, communities, state media, and special interest groups to discuss matters such as education, the economy, human rights, indigenous life, the environment, and domestic violence to name a few.

After two and a half months, I walked away with years-worth of experience. In addition, I made great friends, life-long contacts and learned first-hand what it is like to live the life of a U.S. diplomat. Each day at the embassy allowed me to gain an understanding of an amazing and diverse country in ways that I could not do so while in a classroom. I also learned the dynamics involved in diplomacy, which are critical in the international system; knowledge I put to use during my Capstone Project. More importantly, the experience and knowledge acquired in the process was impressive, helping me land a position a few months before graduation with a Fortune 500 company, where I am now the Public Affairs and Outreach Specialist/Manager. Overall, my experience at Florida International University, both as an undergraduate and graduate student has been a tremendously rewarding experience that has nurtured my professional, personal and scholastic development, and will be one that I will always treasure.