Experimental Courses

Experimental courses are those that are offered on a trial basis, often prior to submitting the course for permanent status. Courses may be offered as experimental only once. Offering an experimental course more than once requires permission from the Graduate or Undergraduate Dean.

Procedure for Requesting an Experimental Course

Requests for experimental courses require that the completion of a New Course Proposal Form. On the top right hand corner, write in EXPERIMENTAL and the semester and the year when the course will be offered (e.g., FALL 2008).

Department must submit the original and 2 copies as well as a copy of the syllabus to the Dean’s Office. The College will forward the form to the Registrar’s Office. Until the number has been added to the master catalog by the Registrar’s, the course may not be added to the schedule. If the screens are open, then the course may be inputted by the department; if they are closed, then a request to add a course must be submitted.

Submission Guidelines

Department may offer no more than 3 experimental courses each semester. Requests to offer an experimental course a second time must be accompanied by “Memorandum of Justification”.

Submission is due at least 2 weeks prior to the opening of the scheduling screens. If the request is to offer the course a second time, the request should arrive in the Dean’s Office 4-6 weeks prior to the opening of the screens.