Current Relevance


  • Why are there so many current articles referring a "New Cold War"? Some such articles include:
    • “COLD WAR II: The West is Losing Putin's Dangerous Game," Time (cover story), August 4, 2014
    • "Managing the New Cold War: What Washington and Moscow Can Learn from the Last One," Foreign Affairs, July-August 2014
    • "The Return of Geopolitics: Te Revenge of the Revisionist Powers," Foreign Affairs, May-June 2014
    • "Russia's Back: Reawakening an Empire," The National Interest, July -August 2014
    • "Russia: A Tragic New Era," Hoover Digest, Summer 2014
    • "The Age of Nationalism: The Westphalian Era, Far from Dead, is Moving into a Powerful New Phase," The National Interest, Sept-October 2013
  • These current articles raise several questions (which this course will provide assistance in answering):
    • What was the “Cold War”?
    • What were the Cold War’s causes and why did the Cold War end?
    • Did the end of the Cold War in 1989-91 usher in a “New World Order”, or did the end merely return international relations to a normal condition of nation-state geopolitics (which had been muted by the abnormal bi-polarity of the Cold War)?
    • Are we now experiencing a New Cold War, A New World Order, or a return to an Old World Order (pre-Cold War)?